Engineering the Digital and Connected World across domains

Truminds Offers Product Engineering Services and licensable technology software solutions across industries utilizing its world class expertise of people, processes and knowledge.


The communication industry have witnessed the new media services develop lucrative markets using their networks. On the other end, the cost of maintaining these networks will soon be multiplied with the deployment of the new 5G standards. With businesses converging across both ecosystems, adaption of their products and services for a digitally savvy market has become significant... see more

Industrial and Electronics

Empowered by disruptive technologies, Automotive industry is now undergoing a revolution. It is not just connected vehicles but also about intelligence and smartness and high performance. When vehicles are becoming a part of IoT ecosystem, we help automotive businesses utilize Internet of Things(IoT) to evolve Digital Next... see more


One common challenge which equipment manufacturers face today is to quickly create, launch and maintain unique solutions. With the product engineering experience, Truminds offers expert services and capabilities from chip-to-cloud to help equipment manufacturers with faster delivery of new products and services with enhanced customer experience... see more

Digital Enterprise Applications

Digital applications are online services which combine data, intelligence and modern user experience to serve enterprises or customers. They form a strategic part of Modernising and Digitalising the business processes... see more


Automation is all about reducing human intervention while increase the quality and productivity. Adopting to new Industry 4.0 capabilities helps businesses improve quality, reduce costs and boost competitiveness. But to unlock the full potential of Industry 4.0 organizations need to understand the opportunities and face challenges for value creation... see more


Truminds is transforming the education sector, by levaraging the latest cutting edge technologies. We have provided digital solutions for leading Edu-tech companies with unparalleled user experience and other core functionalities... see more

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