3GPP/ Radio/ Small Cell Development Engineers

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3GPP/Radio/Small Cell Development Engineers

Posted on 05 Oct 2022

Job Requirements

Truminds is looking for someone who can support intra-frequency handovers within same MME(intraMME). He/she will work with product management on requirements and work with the radio vendor to ensure that the requirements are being met(short, medium, long-term). He/she will be involved in integrating the radio firmware with the PCN software.

Handover here refers to the ability for CBRS capable devices using SIMs to move between multiple Cellular Access Points in a PCN network with no impact touser sessions which is a critical feature for medium to larger PCN deployments where mobility is a key use case.(Devices used could be iPADs, native scanners and other mobile devices)


    • Experience in designing and implementing software for 5G-NR and LTE base-stations
    • Experience in developing SON software (Automatic Neighbor Relations, optimization of handover procedures, traffic balancing, etc.)
    • A good understanding of 3GPP Wireless Standards related to 5G-NR and LTE is strongly desired