LTE/eNodeB Testing Engineer

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LTE/eNodeB Testing Engineer

Bangalore, Gurgaon
Posted on 21 Oct 2022

Education and Experience:

  • Bachelors or master’s degree in engineering
  • 4-12 years of experience


  • Going through 3GPP standards, architectural and design documents to come up with thorough and in-depth test plans for testing LTE eNodeB functionalities
  • Ability to build test setups as per the requirements of the test case.
  • Executing test cases and validating the test status based on the expectations for the test case.
  • Ability to fully understand system logs, test tool logs and use this understanding for debugging issues and identifying accurate root causes for the problems seen on the system under test or in the network.
  • Using the test expertise and identifying overall improvements and enhancements which are possible on the system.
  • Debugging field data and identifying potential problems and re-creating the same in the lab.
  • Other duties as assigned.


  • Good Knowledge on E2E system Architecture
  • Self-starter who likes debugging complex issues and takes pride in finding issues on the device under test.
  • In-depth knowledge of LTE Access domain.
  • Thorough understanding of 3GPP specs covering PHY, MAC, PDCP, RLC, RRC, S1AP and X2AP protocols.
  • Hands on work experience of testing LTE eNodeBs.
  • Hands on experience in using test tools including but not limited to
    • UE simulators like Aeroflex TM500, ERCOM Mobipass, and JDSU DMTS 9000.
    • UE debuggers like QXDM, TEMS o Channel Emulators.
    • Application traffic generators like iPerf, ixLoad etc.
    • EPC Simulators.
  • Knowledge of message flows and parameters used in the messages for LTE procedures
  • Understanding of LTE Release 10 and Release 11 features.
  • Familiarity with LTE SON functionalities is desirable.
  • Familiarity with application layer optimizations; UDP, TCP traffic optimization, Video traffic optimization etc

Soft Skills

  • Clear and Effective Communication with the stakeholders
  • Ability to Delegate and prioritize the tasks and good decision making
  • Good Problem Solving and Debugging Skills
  • Team Competency Improvement skills
  • Stretch beyond work hours to meet targets