Smarter Performance Management Solution

Performance analytics solutions are key to addressing the most pressing problems faced by today’s networks. By transforming smart industrial and commercial applications for 5G, Big Data, IoT & Satellite, integrated solutions provided by Accedian’s Skylight and Truminds’ TruConnect platforms provide a smart and scalable solution.

Transform Insights Into True Actions

Visibility with actionable insight is paramount in managing and optimizing performance for modern networks delivering mission critical services that require microsecond level precision. The integrated TruConnect and Skylight platform solution turns KPIs and performance data into actionable insights to enable smarter decision making and provide quick and effective root cause analysis, or to avoid downtime or poor user experience altogether.

Solution Custom Engineered for Your Business

  • Automation- Reduce human intervention while increasing quality and productivity
  • 5G- Optimize 5G deployments, reduce total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Industrial IoT- High capacity, wireless flexibility, and low-latency performance
  • Satellite Networks- Build a flexible network with efficient management systems
  • Smart Transportation- Applied AI and instantaneous traffic input

Monitor Performance to Improve Operational Efficiencies

  • Manage 4G/5G Performance Throughput
  • Faster Time to Resolution & Reduced Downtimes
  • Granular Visibility
  • Monitor SLA Performance
  • Improved user experience & brand protection
  • Manage Impact of Supply Chain Automation

Ensure Optimal Performance

  • Granular data analytics accelerates troubleshooting
  • Poor visibility results in key performance gaps
  • Understand end user quality of experience
  • Faster time-to-insight and problem resolution

TruConnect with Skylight can handle big data and provide you with aggregated wide- angle network views. Machine learning identifies patterns and anomalies that help you start to proactively predict congestion and automate fixes.