Cloud-native C++ applications Developer

(Telemetry enhancements)

Bangalore, Gurgaon

Posted on 04 Mar 2021

Job Description:

  • The bulk of Affirmed’s high-performance core functionality microservices are written in C++. They utilize a modern observability/telemetry stack which consists of 1) Prometheus, Grafana, AlertManager for metrics, 2) Elastic, Fluentd, Kibana, ElastAlert for logs, and 3) Jaeger for tracing. While most of our microservices make some use of this stack, their usageis spotty and not production ready in many areas. This project will aim to enhance telemetryof various C++ microservices and make them uniform and production ready. Tasks involvedwould be:
  • Understand the current state-of-art observability stack that we operate ∙ Understand and help enhance a uniform set of guidance for applications around each of the three pillars of telemetry
  • Take up one microservice at a time and help the developers enhance their metrics, logs, and traces
  • Directly making changes to C++ code base for telemetry enhancements
  • Creation of KPIs using base metrics using Prometheus’ PromQL language
  • Creation and editing of Grafana Dashboards to visualize KPIs for each microservice and for whole network function
  • Creation of AlertManager and ElastAlert formatted alerts for various failurescenarios with help from microservice developers


  • Good understanding and hands-on experience with Kubernetes
  • Good understanding of one or more open-source CNCF observability tools like Prometehus, EFK, Jaeger
  • Direct hands-on experience in writing C++ code
  • General proficiency in Git and Linux
  • Excellent communication skills for coordinating with large number of developers and writing guidance documentation