Truminds offers extensive expertise & experience in the Cybersecurity space and caters to both Telecom (TMT) and Digital (Hi-Tech) Clients. As a One-Stop Engineering Solution Provider, we bring synergies to the entire Software Development Lifecycle resolving the challenges of a secured and connected world. We follow SSDLC (Secure Software Design Lifecycle) principles and focus on proactively evaluating and mitigating the risks at every stage of the development life cycle rather than “patching” the application when vulnerabilities are exposed or discovered.

During the Design phase, we help our clients with Security Architecture, Business Impact Analysis, Data Privacy Impact Analysis, Security Risk Assessment followed by Threat Modeling. With respect to the Development phase, we offer Software component Analysis (SCA), Static Application Security Testing (SAST), Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) and Vulnerability and Penetration Testing (VAPT). In the Deployment Phase we provide Cloud Security Assessment, Cyber Security Incident Response, and Infrastructure Vulnerability Assessment services to our clients. We help them in the adoption of Zero-Trust Architecture (ZTA) for ensuring that every transaction is carried out based on the tenet of “Never trust. Always verify”. The biggest beneficiary of implementing these processes and controls are the end customers of our clients. They are always assured of a digital platform that is protected against cyberattacks, privacy data breaches, data thefts, application exploits or infrastructure vulnerabilities.

At Truminds, “Safety for the connected world” is one of our overarching goals and this is made possible by our extensive experience in implementing security guidelines for all the solutions that we develop and deliver.