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We are Truminds. True to our Clients, Partners and Employees

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Truminds mission is to positively impact how people live, experience & operate in the technology driven digital and connected world & to stay True to our Clients, Partners and Employee

What we do

Truminds Software Systems offers Global Product Engineering Services & Licensable Technology Solutions across various industries and domains enabling the Digital and Connected world

What we do

Truminds Software Systems offers Global Product Engineering Services & Licensable Technology Solutions across various industries and domains enabling the Digital and Connected world

Who we are

We are a young and agile company with mature leadership creating innovative client centric solutions in leading technologies. Our software powered innovation along with world class technology execution team helps our clients solve complex real world problems

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Leadership Team​

Press Releases

Truminds welcomes its Co-Founder Tarun Gupta as Chief Business & Strategy Officer.

Nov 19, 2020

Tarun is a dynamic and inspiring business leader well known in the industry for growing and scaling multi-million dollars businesses. He brings with him two decades of technology and business experience predominantly in the communications and digital space.

Truminds Software Systems Joins Qualcomm Smart Cities Accelerator Program, Expanding Smart Transportation and Industry 4.0 Deployment

Nov 5, 2020​

Truminds will deploy Qualcomm Technologies’ cutting-edge 5G/4G, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi Connectivity and AI/ML solutions to build complex, high-performance IoT solutions for fast growing diverse IoT markets including smart cities and smart transportation.

Truminds announces CP Murali as its Advisor to Board​

Mar 3, 2020

"CP Murali is an inspiring personality, known for his dynamism and remarkable work at Aricent (Altran) and will be a great fit at Truminds Software Systems" said Rakesh Vij, Founder and CEO of Truminds.

In The News

Truminds CTO Sanjiv Kapur participates in a panel discussion on Industry 4.0 at India Mobile Congress'20: Featured in Economic Times

Dec 8, 2020

Sanjiv Kapur on Industry 4.0 use case of Smart Industrial hats: “This has so many sensors which can measure the body temperature, transfer data to the cloud, enable audio conversation with the worker, enable video streaming of whatever is seen in the factory, and prevent accidents in hazardous environments such as mining.”

Industry Events


Latest Event | 28-29 Sep 2021

Qualcomm Smart Cities Accelerate

Truminds participated in Qualcomm Smart Cities Accelerate 2021 event at San Diego. It has been an exciting experience for the team to be a part of the event and showcase Truminds cutting-edge work in the areas of IoT, AIML, Analytics, Cloud and Edge Computing at our booth.

Past Event | 06-07 Feb 2021

IIT Bombay I-Hack 2021

Past Event | 08-10 Dec 2020

Truminds @IMC’20

Past Event | 14-16 Oct 2019

Truminds @IMC’19


Actress Turned Coder - Mentoring, Emoting & Winning at Life!!

Mar 23, 2022

A rich, fulfilling life is all about making the most of our abilities. MeghaPooja is one such multi-talented Bright-MIND who works towards bringing a difference to the world with her capabilities. Bringing you the story of our 'Actress turned Coder', Megha, wherein she shares her experiences of being an actress, a social worker and how she is making a difference by adding value at Truminds...

International Women's Day'22 Celebrations @ Truminds

Mar 08, 2022

Truminds celebrated the special occasion of International Women’s_Day in style. The event was conducted virtually and was attended by all members of the Truminds family globally. Shalini Arora Kochhar, President – India Business Council in Monaco, was invited as the Guest of honour for this special occasion...

Many skies to fly, many paths to walk!

Feb 28, 2022

If variety is the spice of life, diversity is definitely the essence of Life @ Truminds. One of the things that we take major pride in, is the diverse backgrounds that our Bright-MINDS come from along with the rich mix of experience they bring with them and one of our Bright-MINDs, Priyansha is a perfect example of this...

Truminds Annual Awards 2021 - Celebrations of Excellence

Oct 27, 2021

When you have had a year full of achievements and new beginnings, it’s given that the ceremony celebrating it must be a sparkling one, and so it was!. The ceremony was conducted on an online platform “Samaaro” which allowed the attendees from across the globe in different geographies to feel as if they were sitting in an auditorium attending the function in-person, making the experience absolutely brilliant…….

Truminds moved to a brand new office in Hyderabad with the increased capacity

Aug 18, 2021

Creating a positive and lively work environment is critical for any company’s growth and also reflects our theme to be True to our Clients, Partners and Employees. Our new office in Hyderabad is surely an ideal workplace along the lines of our other offshore development centers in Gurgaon and Bangalore.....

Re-Visiting 30+ years of Successful Journey - Story of Avijit Ghosh

Jun 07, 2021

"At Truminds, the environment is youthful, and my creativity gets instant rewards. There is a lot of freedom, and this lets me do the `right` thing without being constrained by too many rules. The environment helps me take ownership of the work | do for their projects, to treat it all with the same enthusiasm as i would for a passionate hobby....."

It was overwhelming to see my code go live in the very first year of my career !!

Apr 15, 2021

"Wondering if i have TRUly completed 1 year at Truminds. From waiting nervously for the interview to finally joining Truminds has been an awe-inspiring experience to me. Now I am a part of biggerprojects, became fluent in programming, in no time, which is because of the trust that has been shown in me and the learning opportunities provided by my organization." by Nikita Sarkaria, Delhi University, Batch 2020


International Women's Day Celebrations at Truminds, Inspirational Talks from Eminent Personalities​

Mar 08, 2021

We celebrated the International Women's Day with eminent personalities inspiring the Bright-MINDS across our office locations. The first speaker was Radhika Ghai Aggarwal, a seasoned entrepreneur and Co-founder of ShopClues...

A plethora of experiences & learning in the design space; A story of accelerating the Creative Juggler in me!

Mar 04, 2021

"A lot of ideations, paper sketches, information architecture & design, and wireframes finally when I designed its UI, it was a sight to fathom! This was one of the most functionally heavy app I have ever designed! The demo went pretty well, the client liked it… "by Diksha Saxena from Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya, Batch 2016...

"Working till the last moment for the client ship to sail at 7 am : My accelerated learning journey & growth at Truminds"

Feb 16, 2021

I had started my career 12 years ago as a software developer and had steadily grown through the ranks over the years to leading multiple teams as a technical lead. But, as part of a large multinational organization, I had started to feel saturated in terms of my learning and I wanted to work in an environment where I could really enrich and broaden my skills rapidly. I wanted to be part of a team where I could make a mark...

Why I chose Truminds when I had multiple options from leading companies

Feb 04, 2021

“My very first project itself was with a large Japanese Company. To help me learn I was given a mentor who was supportive and helped me learn the concepts. I came here with the goal of becoming a backend developer, but the Flexible Environment got me a project wherein I have worked as a React Developer…” by Ekpreet Kaur from Bharati Vidyapeeth Institute, Delhi, Batch 2019

Career reboot after 22 years : My story of joining Truminds after a long stint at a large multinational company

Jan 11, 2021

Prashant shares about how he decided to leave a large & well known multinational company where he thought he would retire. He also shares his experience on how different the environment felt when he first made the change...

Collaborative, Comforting, and Striving: Inside the office view

Oct 05, 2020

"Change is an inevitable part of our lives and in every phase, we step into different experiences that bring new challenges giving a different perspective to our lives. After completing 4 years of under graduation from IIIT-D in the ECE Branch, I have got placed in Truminds..." by Urvi Shraddha from IIIT-Delhi, Batch 2020

Blog Center

Leveraging AI for developing Test Automation Labs

Apr 14, 2022

Truminds focuses on delivering solutions that solve the business problems for the long term and today, we will discuss one such solution. Our client is a Telecommunications Network Equipment Provider that develops cloud-managed wireless edge networking equipment like routers, gateways and software to provide wireless Wide Area Network (WAN)...

Simplifying Life Basics for ADHD/Autistic Children

Mar 31, 2022

Individuals lying on the autistic spectrum or those with ADHD (Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder) often have trouble to learn new skills.

Given the effect and extent of the disorders, getting such children to learn a new set of skills can be particularly challenging especially when it comes to getting them potty trained. The prime objective of this project is to simplify potty training for autistic and ADHD kids by making the experience simplistic for them...

TruCore: Truminds’ Core Network Technology Solution - Above and Beyond

Mar 14, 2022

When you hear “5G”, you instantly associate it with “super-fast mobile internet” and generally, that’s all you think of. However, that’s not 5G is all about!. Building 5G networks takes so much behind-the-scenes infrastructure to come together, making it truly fascinating. Today, we take you on the journey of how Truminds is leveraging its expertise in making 5G possible...

IoT enabled Smart Factory, Powered by Truminds

Feb 09, 2022

Smart Factories that are emerging today in this Digital & Connected world, foreshadow the intelligent industry of the future as we are already witnessing major transformations in the Industrial sector. However, one of the biggest challenges when running a factory is to keep an eye on the health and working conditions of the machines...

Computer Vision-Based Video Analytics Security Surveillance

Dec 17, 2021

Perfect blend of human intelligence and technology has always made our lives more comfortable. When it comes to keeping a neighbourhood secure, the surveillance systems always play a crucial role. This was the “necessity” that proved to be the “mother of innovation” for the AI/ML computer vision-based Video Analytics Security Surveillance Solution...

TruCore: Truminds 5GUPF now supports HA (High Availability)

Nov 22, 2021

5G UPF is part of TruCore, Truminds' 5G Core Network Technology Solution. Here is another Truminds blog on 5G from one of our Senior Solution Architect, where he talks about implementing High Availability (HA) in Truminds 5G UPF.

Addressing Mental Health in Today’s Times

Nov 20, 2021

Today, we rarely see enough importance being given to mental health, especially in terms of overall wellness and quality of life. However, we at Truminds pay due emphasis on employee's mental health and well-being by being proactive in providing the support system timely. Here is a blog on how we are leveraging it and ensuring that our Truminds Family is well taken care of...

Transforming Education: Adapting to the Online World

Oct 19, 2021

The pandemic forced the shift from offline to online education methods. While creating intuitive solutions to enable continuation of education and to prevent any fraud & malpractices during examinations has become a concern, the online proctoring system was our solution to address this challenge.

Have a look at our blog on how we are Transforming the Education System by leveraging latest cutting-edge technologies

Gender Diversity and Inclusion in Tech industry: Living by Merit as an Equal Opportunity Employer

Oct 11, 2021

Diversity is a ubiquitous word, especially when it comes to gender diversity. Every industry in every walk of life is striving towards bringing equality to gender inclusiveness. The necessity of gender diversity, particularly in tech, is essential for companies to develop more inclusive, productive, and efficient workspaces for all. Having seen such disparities, technology companies are trying to fasten their belts and bring changes in every vertical to emphasize the importance of women in work and Truminds is leading that charter for the change...

TruCore: Truminds 5G UPF now runs in 6WINDGate as a plugin

Apr 08, 2021

In this blog, our Senior Solution Architect, talks on Truminds 5G UPF (TruCore) that runs in 6WINDGate as a plugin.

TruCore: Truminds 5G Core Network Technology Solution supports MPTCP Proxy for ATSSS

Feb 01, 2021

In this blog on 5G UPF MPTCP, our Senior Solution Architect, talks about the MPTCP Proxy support for ATSSS in Truminds 5G UPF.

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