Transform Insights Into True Actions

Truminds IoT Platform

TruConnect Features

  • Cloud native Industrial IoT Platform integrated with Edge Gateways
  • Intuitive device Dashboards for real time device performance monitoring
  • Integrated within multiple domains such as Telematics, Satellite Network Operations, Smart Transportation and Smart Factory
  • Cloud based device and edge gateway provisioning, diagnostics and upgrade
  • Ingests device Performance and Quality data and derives its operational efficiency

Easy Deployment

Multitenant platform that configures tenants programmatically from a Web Interfaces

Realtime Data Analysis

Analytics application renders realtime data and OEM data logs with runtime transformation of data

AI/ML Ready

Apply predictive analytics and ML algorithms on device data. Generate threshold based events and alarms at device and platform level

Horizontally Scalable

Low latency and scalable big data platform with every component scalable horizontally

Reliable & Secure

Multi-level security ensured with device identity encoding and communication over TLS

Remote device onboarding and FOTA

Very simple remote device onboarding along with firmware update over the air


  • Massive IoT, Ultra Reliable Low Latency, and Enhanced Broadband IoT applications support
  • Edge Analytics using localised applications
  • Comprehensive Application layer Protocols support (MQTT, CoAP, XMPP, DMM)
  • Cloud managed Controllers, Sensors, Cameras, and any"Thing"
  • Secure data exchange with cloud


  • Highly Configurable and Scalable System
  • Cloud Native, Program driven Multi-tenant platform
  • API based access to Cloud services
  • Rule based workflows for device condition, alarms, performance metrics
  • Manages device and Edge gateways
  • Secure IoT Data pipeline


  • Real-time Dashboards, alarms etc.
  • End-to-End Visibility
  • Customizable reports and Notification systems to Identify Performance bottlenecks and inefficiencies
  • Predictive analytics on the collected data to derive futuristic insights