After the success of TruCore (Truminds 5G Core Network Solution), Truminds is delighted to share that it has been investing in 5G RAN Technology Solution, known as “TruRAN” for a while and now it is in the stage that we can showcase it to our clients and partners for possible value-add and use-cases in the industry.

TruRAN comes with the split architecture of CU/DU and CU-CP and CU-UP. TruRAN is 3GPP and ORAN specification compliant and is developed by following the latest 3GPP standards, which is customizable for multiple clients based on the requirement basis for respective unique use-cases. The CU-UP & DU are DPDK and Linux based solutions for data path.

Truminds offers 5G gNB functions as layer-wise licensable components which can be interop-ed with Tier 1 networks globally and is open to functional testing & deployments across vendor sites and global players in the telecom industry.

TruRAN - Highlights:

  • Available - Split Architecture with CU-DU split and CU-CP, CU-UP split
  • Early Access - CU-CP, CU-UP
  • Under Active Roadmap - MAC, FAPI, PHY
  • TruRAN is DPDK enabled on Linux


  • High performance user traffic handling and forwarding engine for multi-Gbps performance
  • Control & User plane separation (CUPS) based architecture for flexible and scalable network deployments
  • Compliant to latest FAPI, 3GPP, ORAN standards