India’s Independence Day Celebrations @ Truminds Software Systems

Aug 15, 2022

As India completes its 75 years of Independence, we celebrated the special occasion in Truminds_Style. The event was conducted virtually & was attended by members of the Truminds family globally.

The event started off by giving kudos to the medal winners who represented India at the Commonwealth Games 2022 and made us proud. India has been an excellent ambassador of its intellectual prowess around the world in the IT space in which Truminds is also a proud part in further enhancing the IT power of the nation. Later, we had two performances from Truminds Rockstars, RaviKiran singing “Aye watan tere liye” and Aradhana performing a dance set to the tune of “Vande Mataram”.

On this special occasion we had Indian Ambassador Vishnu Prakash, a veteran diplomat as our chief guest. He is a law graduate (gold medalist) and career diplomat, he retired as India’s High Commissioner to Canada in 2016, after 35 years in the saddle. Hitherto, he was Ambassador to South Korea, Official Spokesperson of the Ministry of External Affairs and Consul General to Shanghai. He held various positions at Indian Missions in Tokyo, New York, Moscow, Islamabad, Vladivostok and Cairo. Presently he is a foreign affairs specialist, speaker, columnist and adviser & his focus is on the Indo-Pacific region.

During his speech, Mr. Prakash touched upon various topics, the most important of which was that our freedom was not just handed over to us but we have paid a huge price for it, with blood, sweat, and heavy toil. India has seen the dark days of 1991 when the forex reserves had dropped down to levels where we had barely a few days’ worth left. He shared his experience back then when he reached to several MNCs to setup their centers in the country but only five (5) tech giants responded positively. From there to today, where the forex reserves are stable, thanks to our increasing supremacy in IT services, we have indeed come a long way, where any MNC is ready to setup their development centers in India. This is a fulfilling moment for anyone who has witnessed those days. Further, Mr. Prakash said that if we are looking for a year ahead, we should plant rice; for a decade ahead, we should plant a tree; but if we are looking out for generations to come, we should invest in our human resources and particularly the girl child. He called upon Truminds employees to become better engineers than those globally to give our nation an edge for the future.

His speech was followed by a Hindi poem by Sudip Shukla, about the Indian army’s never-say-die spirit, later a viewing of “Baadal pe paaon hai” from the movie Chak De! India.

Fittingly enough, the session ended with chants of “Jai Hind”, all of us feeling one in the moment.