International Yoga Day 2023 @ Truminds Software Systems

Jun 21, 2023

On the occasion of International Yoga Day, we celebrated this day across our India offices on 21st and 22nd June 2023. We hosted two prominent guests who performed various yoga related activities and also narrated on the importance and benefits of Yoga in everyday life.

Day 1 saw sessions conducted by PremKumawat, a professional yoga instructor from Natraj Yoga & Meditation center. He introduced our employees to simple yoga poses that could be practiced right at their desks, with emphasis on stretching exercises, chair yoga, and breathing techniques. He expertly infused the session with witty jokes, generating laughter and fostered a joyful atmosphere that appealed to everyone present there. As a final touch, we participated in a laughing exercise to invigorate and maintain the employees' motivation and energy levels.

On Day 2, we had with us GauravKukreja, who is an entrepreneur himself and featured on the Economics Times' 40 under 40 list. He began the event with a lively clapping game, urging employees to embrace the present moment. He encouraged participants to close their eyes and observe the thoughts flowing through their minds, fostering an understanding of mental processes. Demonstrating the hastrika technique (process of rapid inhalation and exhalation), the instructor guided employees through the practice. Towards the end, everyone was invited to close their eyes and accept their thoughts, regardless of their nature. Sharing his personal experience, Gaurav conveyed how meditation has personally benefited him and he also highlighted its importance to provide relaxation and enhanced concentration.

Overall, it was a great 2 days of learning yoga which will surely benefit everyone of our brightMINDS in the long run.