International Women's Day'22 Celebrations @ Truminds

Mar 08, 2022

Truminds celebrated the special occasion of International Women’s Day in style. The event was conducted virtually and was attended by all members of the Truminds family globally. The event kicked off with an ensemble video of many of our women employees displaying their dancing skills followed by most of them voicing out their thoughts & experiences at Truminds.

On this special evening, we had Shalini Kochhar, President – India Business Council in Monaco, as our guest of honour. Shalini is a social celebrity and an influential speaker, she was a contestant in the Miss India pageant alongside Aishwarya Rai. Talking about her journey, she expressed her learnings that presenting an image of perfection is one of the steps to being successful. Challenges like marriage and childbirth to her meant that she had to work harder than ever to maintain a work-life balance while playing multiple roles as a businesswoman, wife & mother but she never looked back, to becoming a successful life coach in Monaco. She talked about “Network is Net Worth”, saying that the connections she made in her life helped her in one way or another towards being a successful entrepreneur in the principality of Monaco which has a scarce Indian population.

Followed by an amazing address from Shalini, we had a beautiful Bharatanatyam performance by Swati Mittal, which received accolades from everyone. Charu Vij, quoted the importance of creating a friendly workspace conducive to the free expression of self, while Aradhana, added on how Truminds encourages women to express themselves by providing a healthy work culture and the power to bring about change. Adding on, Priyansha stressed how this is not a women's empowerment day but rather a day to remember that while women are already empowered, there is a lot to be done yet. We also had Sangeeta Vij, Sulekha Malik, Sanyam Gabha, Monika Gulati, and a few other powerful women who have shared their wonderful experiences.

It was an amazing event & was great to witness various forms of awesomeness that we have within our Truminds family.