Seamless multi-link connectivity solution for off-grid internet platform

Client: US based Global Maritime Service Provider (Inflight Connectivity Pioneers)

Truminds is developing Integrated Satellite, Cellular/LTE, Marine Wi-Fi, and Fiber connectivity for seamless Internet, Telephony, Text and TV services on luxury yachts and cruise ships.

Our ability to integrate multiple HW components & technologies helped in simpler management of dense RAN deployments and reduce operational expenses for the service provider. The client now operates in more than 50 yachts globally.

Key Highlights

Carrier grade solution with secured last mile access, SDWAN based multi-link backhaul, network management and OSS/BSS

AI driven backhaul that switches across satellite, LTE and marina Wi-Fi for best user experience

Policy driven last mile Wi-Fi based on user persona, traffic classification and DP

Interactive Dashboards to visualize and track link status, geo-location, KPIs

Cloud based High Definition Video Conferencing Solution

Client: Leading Japanese Consumer Electronics Manufacturer

Truminds developed a high definition cloud hosted video conferencing solution with advanced features like screen sharing, application and presentation sharing, whiteboarding, flexible dynamic layouts, billing, and licensing support.

Our team developed and delivered a highly scalable MCU (Multipoint Control Unit) & SFU (Selective Forwarding Unit) with soft end points and hosted on AWS with support for orchestration on the cloud, dynamic scalability, and session aware load balancing.

Key Highlights

The HDVC solution supports 9 active participants video view with ability to scale to 200+ participants in a single call

The solution supports HD Video of 720p quality at low bandwidth of 512Mbps

Secure WebRTC based solution available on Web, iOS and Android

Cost optimized scale-in/scale-out system to run on minimal IT infrastructure when not in use

Modem Testing for 3G/4G/5G chipsets

Client: Largest US based Chipset Manufacturer

Truminds is integrating and testing multi-RAT modem supporting GSM, GPRS, UPMTS, CDMA, TDSCDMA, LTE and 5G-NR.

Being tasked with the requirements analysis, test design, test execution and debugging of upcoming modems, Truminds is also playing vital in the functional testing of modem access stratum, NAS, modem performance & stability with unparallel testing and automation capabilities.

Key Highlights

Test Automation using python to reduce test cycles substantially

Truminds Engineers did first successful 5G Call in the Customer Lab

Functional, performance, stability, power and thermal testing

Expertise on key test equipments, UE conformance testing and carrier certification

Wireless 4G/5G Core Network Solution

Client: Leading US based 4G/5G Cloud-Native Network Provider (vRAN Pioneer)

Truminds is Integrating VPP based CGNAT plugin in media engine node on Gi interface and porting LTE 4G/5G solution from Intel DPDK based platform to VPP based platform.

We are engaged for porting of features like lawful interception, deep packet inspection and online/offline charging in the complete Software Development Lifecycle starting from design to production deployment.

Key Highlights

Implemented Virtualized User Plane Function (UPF) based on Intel DPDK and VPP

Development of optimized TCP datapath, split TCP connection, and integrating with DPI

Our solution is deployed in Tier-1 networks in USA and India at sites which handles ~40 Gbps of live user internet traffic

Cloud based Edu-tech Digital Platform Solution

Client: Leading Japanese Consumer Electronics Manufacturer

Truminds is designing a horizontally scalable microservice based digital platform hosted on AWS. We have built a secured, intuitive, responsive web and mobile application with high availability of services based on clustered databases.

This platform is based on multi-tenant, scalable architecture which can enhance the user experience.

Key Highlights

Platform digitizes complete experience of providing online practice tests and industry connect for grad school students

Integrates with test and course providers, job, and internship listing partners

High Availability of services based on clustered database and ELK

Community Surveillance and Security Solution

US based Artificial Intelligence Company

Truminds is designing and developing an Edge, AWS Cloud based scalable streaming media solution for community surveillance.

Our team is leveraging latest technologies like Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Object Detection and Unusual Pattern Identification for developing an off-line automated event detection live video feeds from IP cameras, object detection and pattern detection with YOLO and other libraries.

Key Highlights

Monitors and identifies unusual pattern using camera feeds, facial recognition, and license plate recognition

Supports cameras with RTMP, RTSP and HLS streams from CSI and USB cameras

Runs optimized computer vision algorithms to detect person, car, animal and provides real time notifications of anomaly detection

Supports 24X7 smart automated monitoring

Industrial IoT Solution for Shop floor Digitization

Client: Leading Japanese Consumer Electronics Manufacturer

Truminds is designing and developing a cloud native Industrial IoT Platform integrated with edge gateways.

This Industrial IoT Solution ingests the data of equipment availability, performance, quality and derives the equipment/plant operational efficiency, monitoring the real time plant performance with intuitive dashboards.

Key Highlights

Integrated with CNC, ingestion molding, stamping, forging, welding, robotics machine of leading equipment manufacturers

Configured with cloud-based machine and gateway

Equipped with QR code scan to get on the spot machine analytics

Creating paperless Digitized Shop Floor

4G/5G Video Traffic Management Solution

Client: UK based OEM for Mobile Data and Video Traffic Management Solutions

Truminds is developing a TCP Accelerator solution for 5G video traffic management. This solution is being delivered with optimized TCP and UDP data path, KNI plugins, traffic shaping, QoS using latest data path technologies.

This solution is being deployed in leading 4G and 5G operator networks across the world which maximizes the efficiency of transport layer in the mobile data networks.

Key Highlights

30{8099eca773f97efcb619d1d2dda9c3dade75bee30b375ae7fd1d1bcca4385e4d} improvement in subscriber throughput

40{8099eca773f97efcb619d1d2dda9c3dade75bee30b375ae7fd1d1bcca4385e4d} reduction in loading times

75{8099eca773f97efcb619d1d2dda9c3dade75bee30b375ae7fd1d1bcca4385e4d} increase in productivity

Data Analytics Dashboard

Client: World’s leading Satellite Communication Network Service Provider

Truminds developed a highly customizable user interface dashboard that provides intuitive insights of the network performance. This dashboard is designed to drive actionable and operational strategic decision making.

Our team has delivered a geographic map-oriented visualization showing terminal locations, terminal track, beam contours and the network congestion status.

Key Highlights

Intuitive User Interface with data visualization of key performance indicators illustrating data analytics and trend analysis

This dashboard has incorporated the capability to analyze past data to create accurate future trends and offer a predictable network performance

The terminal and subscriber related data is processed using streaming pipeline and aggregated using a framework capable of handling Big Data

Data Transportation for Enterprise IoT Platform

Client: Leading US based OEM in IoT space

Truminds designed and developed a state-of-the-art data transportation for enterprise IoT platform.

Our team built the platform using Intel’s Vector Packet Processing (VPP), an open source high-performance packet processing software, and Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK) libraries.

Key Highlights

Optimized TCP and UDP data path, KNI plugins, traffic shaping & quality of service implementation

Achieved 75{8099eca773f97efcb619d1d2dda9c3dade75bee30b375ae7fd1d1bcca4385e4d} reduction in compute processing requirements, from 48 cores to 12 cores to handle same amount of data

Democratize IoT by allowing partner to deploy custom applications on a single consolidated platform