Leveraging Truminds successful inroads in some of the existing Licensable Technology Solutions, Truminds has come up with another Technology Solution in the area of Identity & Access Management System, known as “TruIAM”, which is now ready to be showcased in the industry to be used for different use-cases and customizable as per the requirements of our clients or partners.

TruIAM enables identity management with corresponding support for Multitenancy, RBAC, Social Connect and Password-less-access.

TruIAM Technology Solution ensures that an organization's appropriate personnel have access to the tools they require to perform their tasks. It works on protocols like OpenID (Identity), OAuth(Social), etc. eliminating the necessity of storing login credentials. Our solution helps in managing and securing digital identities and also improves productivity.

TruIAM Capability Overview:


  • Support for identity and access management along with authorization
  • Different shareable 'Environments' that correlate with multiple project stages
  • Ready to use authentication pages creation corresponding to your projects
  • Universal authentication pages can be branded to go with your project's overall design
  • Password less and MFA configurations provide for quick and secure authentication processes.
  • Social authentications that can be customized, such as Google, Microsoft, Apple, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. connections via OpenID

Business Operations:

  • TruIAM development flexibility to meet customer requirements
  • TruIAM also offers different Identity Providers like Amazon Cognito, WSO2, etc. on which further functionalities and settings will be based
  • Creation of organizational entities to allow assignment of similar settings to different applications with maintaining their individualities
  • Support to enable role based access to members of your organization to create different levels of accesses to your resources corresponding to the policies and roles attached to them


  • Web SDK availability to make use of your TruIAM settings
  • Any frontend framework can leverage Micro-frontend support to reuse customizable TruIAM displays

Key Components:

  • User identity Management - Creating and managing the digital identities for various entities on a network
  • Provisioning Users - Enabling provisioning of users’ access to resources via the policies based on role-based access control
  • User Authentication – Verifying user credentials against the ones stored in the directory with the help of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
  • User Authorization - Granting/Denying Access to users ensuring security
  • Reporting - Generating reports related to Monitoring and Logging Activities to ensure compliance and assess security risks

Salient Features:

  • Authentication and Authorization
  • Flexibility to choose Cognito or WSO2
  • Authentication Types - Email-Password, Social Login, Password less Login, etc
  • 2 Step Verification
  • Allowing group formation - ‘Organization’
  • Universal Auth Pages with Custom Styling
  • SaaS Based - Support for multiple applications and pools
  • Scope for different levels of project - development, staging and production
  • Custom Tenant Settings
  • RBAC - Role Based Access Control
  • Micro Frontend Services