5G Core Network / UPF Testing

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5G Core Network / UPF Testing

Bangalore, Gurgaon
Posted on 05 June 2024

Job Description:

  • Experience of Black-box testing on Wireless Core Networks (4G, 5G). Knowledge of 4G and 5G System Architectures and Nodes.
  • Experience of writing well defined test scenarios for Integration,sanity and capacity testing of a Product.
  • First level log analysis skills
  • Network Troubleshooting skills
  • Experience of using Various tools for Capacity testing, e.g Wireshark,
  • Basic shell scripting to automate


  • Experience of testing on dpdk/vpp based setups. That includes setup bringup, troubleshooting skills
  • Experience of bringing up Kubernetes setups, docker images, Helm charts

Education and Experience:

  • Bachelor’s/Master’s degree in Electronics/Computer Science